1. The Merchandising department keeps strict control over tracking with use of online computerized systems. The suppliers, vendors and buyers are kept updated by sending weekly progress reports. Till the shipment is made, the entire chain, the quality control, scheduled deliveries & total transparency with suppliers, vendors and buyers is maintained.

2. In-house lab testing facilities. The product passes through a battery of rigorous physical & chemical testing.

3. The entire manufacturing process is absolutely in line with client approval norms which are stringent.

4. All Fabric & Garment Samples are approved in well in advance by the clients including the accessories involved.

5. Every possible operation makes maximum use of attachments & folders.

6. Tie ups with best yarn, knitting & process house to ensure the best quality of the fabric.

7. We promote pollution free environment, and hence we ensure that environment friendly products like BIOCOAL are used in various manufacturing stages. BIOCOAL causes less pollution and gives more fuel efficiency than coal or any other fuel source.


1. To maintain good quality and provide prompt shipments to our clients, The Prakash Group & its associates has a battalion of 3000 employees under its logo, who constantly devote their time to their work and see that the cycle from raw materials to the finished product does not com to a hall at any processing stage.

2. We do not promote child labour, at any manufacturing stage of our products.